Serious Personal Injury / Wrongful Death

Swing A Big Stick.

Tragedies happen. Bad things happen to good people. Many times, when bad things happen to good people, those good people are unfamiliar with the legal system. All they know is that things need to be made right.

Joe Brown has been making things right his whole career. Before serving 20 years in public service where he made things right for victims of crime, Joe worked in personal injury litigation for a large law firm in Dallas. As United States Attorney, Joe fought against pill-mill doctors who illegally prescribed opioids and hurt Texas families.  (Read the story here) Joe knows personal injury and wrongful death cases.

When you are selecting a lawyer, you need a lawyer who commands the respect of the insurance companies and the lawyers on the other side. That is Joe Brown. Joe has handled some of the biggest cases in recent North Texas history, and has a reputation throughout Texas for candor, toughness, and excellence in the courtroom. When Joe speaks, people listen.

Joe Brown is very selective in the cases he accepts. Insurance companies know that Joe only takes good cases, and that adds to his credibility when he negotiating on behalf of his clients.

Personal injury cases and wrongful death cases typically are handled under a contingency fee arrangement – meaning that you pay nothing up front for the lawyer’s representation. The lawyer receives a percentage of the amount of money recovered on your behalf at the end of the case. You pay nothing unless there is a settlement or judgment in your favor. Call or email us today for a free evaluation of your case.

Call or email today for a free case evaluation.