Federal and State Criminal Defense

Joe Brown has more than 20 years of experience in criminal law in state and federal courts in Texas. When police or federal agents are investigating you, or when you are arrested for a crime, you need someone who is going to even the playing field. Often it feels like the government has all of the power. The government has unlimited funds. It has experts. It has experienced prosecutors. Often, people feel helpless and overwhelmed.

Joe Brown can give you a tremendous weapon to fight the charges against you. Joe knows how police officers operate. Joe knows what they are required to do, and Joe can spot the problems with the case against you quickly and take action to make sure your charges are handled quickly and you can get back to your life.

If your case goes to a grand jury, who better to know how to fight charges at a grand jury than a lawyer who personally presented cases to a grand jury for decades? Joe wants to beat your charges early, before you ever have to go to court, and he can explain how an effective defense at the grand jury presentation of your case may be your early way out of your problem.

If you are guilty of the charges against you and need a strong lawyer to negotiate the best plea agreement possible, who better to get you the best deal than the former top prosecutor in the region? Joe can use his knowledge of the system and the players in the system to make sure you are protected and get the best deal available.

And if you want a trial on your charges, and need someone to stand up for you in court, you want Joe Brown as your lawyer. Joe never lost a trial as a prosecutor, and he hates to lose. He is competitive in everything he does. He pours himself into his cases, and takes every result personally. He brings instant credibility to your side of the case. Only a few people will be able to have a weapon like Joe Brown. Make sure he is on your side.

To expand the resources available to defend his clients, Joe often works in collaboration with other nationally recognized criminal defense lawyers. With two board certifications in criminal law, Collin County lawyer and Grayson County native J. Michael Price joins in an “of-counsel” relation with Joe to provide the critical eye and experience of a career criminal defense attorney. Similarly, Mr. Brown serves as independent local counsel for the national white-collar criminal defense firm Oberheiden, P.C., providing access to a broad network of national criminal law experts.

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