Joe Brown is known throughout Texas as a fighter-

a smart, principled leader who does not back down from a challenge. Experienced in both criminal and civil litigation, Joe Brown is a trial lawyer with the kind of background that few legal clients have the opportunity to have on their side.

Trusted by the President of the United States, recommended by Texas’ senators, counted on by the Governor of Texas, Brown now carefully chooses a select number of cases in courts throughout Texas to help individuals and companies solve their legal problems in only the way that someone with his unique legal experience can.

Relying on a network of political, business, and legal contacts that allowed him to become the chief civil and criminal lawyer for the federal government in a broad area of north and east Texas, Mr. Brown understands the legal system. He is able to leverage his knowledge of the system, his contacts made in government service, and his courtroom skills to give his clients a tremendous weapon on their side.

Appearing in State and Federal Courts Throughout Texas