Federal Local Counsel Representation

Joe Knows the Eastern District of Texas

Major law firms from around the country with important cases in the Eastern District of Texas often need local counsel to navigate the intricacies and personalities of the different Eastern District courts. As a former United States Attorney for the district, Joe Brown provides unparalleled familiarity with the district. His years of political experience allow him to reach out to a network of contacts and bring instant credibility to his client’s cause.

As United States Attorney, Mr. Brown supervised offices in Tyler, Texarkana, Plano, Lufkin, Beaumont, and Sherman and developed contacts and relationships throughout the Eastern District of Texas. Active in the Eastern District Bar Association’s Bench-Bar Conference Planning Committee, Joe has helped annually to bring judges and lawyers together for training and camaraderie in a multi-day conference that helps to make the Eastern District of Texas a special federal district.

With an office just down the street from the Paul Brown Federal Courthouse, Joe can provide an important local presence for law firms that are committed to guve every advantage to their most important clients.

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